Assessment Disagreements

If your opinion of the value of your property differs from the assessment value, feel free to come into the Assessors' Office and research the valuation. The staff is willing to answer any questions about the valuation and assessment procedures.

When questioning the valuation, ask yourself:

  • Is my property description data correct?
  • Is my assessed value in line with others on the street?
  • Is my assessed value in line with recent sale prices in my neighborhood?

There are many factors that contribute to the valuation. Consider: 

  • The Building Area
  • Condition
  • Lot Size
  • Neighborhood Designation
  • Quality of Construction
  • Recent Sale Prices

Helpful Information for Appealing

  • Many reports are available at the Assessors' Office to assist you in determining whether your assessment is fair and equitable. Our staff is always willing to assist taxpayers.
  • Taxpayers have the right to appeal their total valuation by filing an abatement application with the Board of Assessors in a timely manner.
  • The abatement application deadline is the same due date as the third quarter actual tax payment, usually February 1st.
  • Please verify the deadline with the Assessors' Office as it can vary if February 1st falls on a Saturday or a Sunday. The Board of Assessors has no jurisdiction to act on any applications filed after the deadline.
  • If you wish to file for abatement, the applications are available at the Assessors' Office after the mailing of the actual tax bills. When filing for abatement, remember that you are appealing your total assessment not your taxes. You must pay your taxes pending your appeal.
  • The application form should include all information that you would like the Board of Assessors to consider in reviewing your case. Please provide reasons why you feel your assessment is inaccurate, such as data errors in the property description; and/or by citing recent sales or other assessments that indicate your assessment is too high.
  • If you have refinanced or purchased your property within the previous year, perhaps, you could include copy of the appraisal report done by your bank or mortgage company as a reference.

Abatement Denied

  • You will receive a notice indicating your application was denied.
  • You may appeal to the State Appellate Tax Board within 3 months of the Assessors' decision.

Abatement Approved

  • You will receive a waiver with the adjusted valuation; and/or an abatement certificate indicating the amount of the abatement.
  • Your abatement will normally be credited toward a subsequent tax bill in the same fiscal year. If your bill is paid in full at the time of the abatement, a refund check will be issued.

New Homeowners

Please be aware that the Assessors are required to provide the tax bill to the assessed owner, the owner as of January 1st. However, the new property owner is responsible for paying the tax bill that is issued after the purchase date. If you have not received a tax bill, new property owners are advised to contact the Collector's Office for a copy of the tax bill, and the Assessors' Office to update the mailing address.