Rockland Town Collector


Town Collector
Judy Hartigan
Phone: 781-871-1874 x310

Lisa Murphy
Phone: 781-871-1874 x310

Annette Murray

Real Estate Taxes Are Due August 1, 2016

Pay Property & Excise Taxes

Pay Water/Sewer/Trash

About the Town Collector

The Tax Department collects tax payments from Rockland taxpayers, balances accounts with the Town Treasurer, processes abatements and refunds for excise and real estate taxes, provides customer service via telephone and at the Collector’s window. The staff also enters payments, processes municipal lien certs (MLC’s), and interacts with other town departments.

Town Collector’s office procedure and other information:

When should you receive the Real Estate tax bill?

  • The first bill of the fiscal year is mailed on or before 6/30. This mailing includes the bills due 8/1 and 11/1. This is a preliminary tax bill and is based on the previous year’s rate and value of your home. Abatements and exemptions are not done at this time.
  • The second mailing of the real estate tax bill is on or before 12/30. This is the first actual tax bill for the fiscal year. You may file for an abatement or exemption at this time. This mailing includes the bills due 2/1 and 5/1. Please note that bills are mailed twice a year but are due quarterly.

Why should you use the town’s online bill pay?

  • You can make payments through our web site anytime during the day or night and receive credit the day you post your payment. This is a secure website. There is a convenience fee for this service.

Can you write one check for all your bills?

  • Please do not combine your tax payment with your water, sewer, and trash payments. You may combine your real estate tax payment and excise tax payment.